You’ve Never Seen Such Cool Hearses Before

Fascination with hearses may be seen as morbid, but consider that these cars have been designed with both functionality and aesthetic value in mind for over 100 years. Even before the invention of the automobile, special ornate carriages were designed to carry the dead to their graves. The typical design of a hearse has changed quite a bit each decade leading to the present, and there have been many awesome hearses designed over the years. Read about the Top 10 Coolest Hearses and learn something about these interesting cars.

1885 Buick, Image source:

10. 1885 Buick Sayers & Scovill Hearse

We’ll start off with the oldest Hearse on our list. This hearse from 1885 is beautiful with the ornate design details put into its construction. Everything from the lantern to the curtains screams luxury. Of course, this is not an automobile, but a carriage, and it’s number 10 because it’s the ancestor to the rest of the items in this list.