10 Most Beautiful Places In The World

This planet we live in is full with fascinating phenomena, formed by the mysteries of nature and designed by its secrets. The following list will introduce you to the most beautiful, strange and unbelievable places in the world, some of which still remained a science mystery.

10. Lake Hillier, Australia

lake hillier, Image source: http://www.reddit.com/r/EarthPorn/comments/22pcxl/lake_hillier_in_western_australia_1920_1080/

Lake Hiller in the south coast of Western Australia exhibits unique and beautiful phenomenon. It’s about 600 meters long, separated from the ocean by a narrow strip-land, and surrounded by white sand and woodlands which are contrast remarkably with its strangely pink-colored waters. The theory is attributing the pink color to a red hella flick bacteria which in the salt crusts of the lake.