8 True Embarrassing Moments

I crapped in the field.

When I was in middle school and walking to school one morning, I was half way to school and suddenly had the awful urge to poo. I tried so hard to hold it and couldn’t. I was seconds away from crapping myself. Well I ran into the field and took a crap. I had nothing to use to wipe and I was wearing light pink sweats and had no choice but to pull my pants up and run to the bathroom at school. When I got to the bathroom to wipe, the poo had already got onto my pants and there was a big brown stain on my butt. I had to go through the entire school day with the stain and people were making fun of me saying I crapped myself or started my period. My excuse was someone threw a mud ball at my butt while walking to school. I couldn’t wait to be done with the day and go home.