So How Exactly Did They Earn Their First Dollar?

Everyone remembers their first job and it most cases, it wasn’t pretty; but just as a tiny acorn can sometimes grow into a mighty oak tree, these 5 famous billionaires prove that it isn’t about where you start, but rather, where you finish…to highlight the fact there’s no set pattern for success (apart from good old fashioned hard work or nepotism), this list is coming at you in no particular order…

5. Mark Cuban

Let’s play a game.  Think of a successful player from the NBA.  Got someone in mind?  Now, if you were to describe this person in three words, which words would you choose?  Arrogant?  Brash?  Cocky?

Well, in the case of the Dallas Mavericks (NBA champions in 2011), ‘arrogant’, ‘brash’ and ‘cocky’ are far more descriptive of the team’s OWNER than they are of the players themselves.  Notoriously larger than life – not to mention extremely excitable – what most people don’t know is that Mark Cuban began his professional career at 12 years old…

His occupation at the time? Selling garbage bags door to door.

Net worth: $3 billion