If Only They Were Real! 10 Movie Girlfriends You Wish Existed In Real Life (And Why)

‘Wish fulfillment’ has been a Hollywood staple since the dawn of, well, Hollywood and never has this been more apparent than in the cinematic girlfriends filmmakers have conjured up over the years – counting down from ten to one, just imagine if you had one of these screen beauties on your arm!

10. Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert), ‘The Girl Next Door’


Picture the scene: your new neighbors are moving in and instead of some ancient couple and their squadron of cats, you’re presented with a family that boasts Danielle as one of its members – she’s blonde, she’s stunning, she laughs at your jokes…oh, and she also happens to be a porn star.

Why your friends would be jealous:

Okay, so the fact she’s a porn star is a BIT of a double edged sword, but when it comes down to it, YOU’RE the one who’s actually sleeping with her.