The 5 Coolest Tattoos Hollywood Has Ever Imagined (And Why They’re So Great)

Ready for your next tatt but unsure what to get? If you’re looking for INKspiration (apologies), the following list is a countdown of the ‘5 Coolest Tattoos Hollywood Ever Imagined’, as displayed by some of your favorite movie characters.

5. Seth Gecko (George Clooney), ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’

FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, George Clooney, 1996 (Screengrab)

A fairly standard ‘tribal’ pattern (visible on the character’s neck) is given extra gravitas due to the fact that a) it gives Seth Gecko an immediate edginess and b) it helped distance Clooney from his ER ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ persona, paving the way for what would ultimately be an extremely varied career.

What makes it SUPER cool:

Initially, you think the tattoo is just on Gecko’s neck; eventually, the character removes his jacket to reveal the tattoo snakes across his entire left arm.