The 5 Coolest Tattoos Hollywood Has Ever Imagined (And Why They’re So Great)

4.  Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum), ‘The Night of the Hunter’

While you might not have seen the film, there’s a good chance you’ll recognize the tattoo forever associated with it – playing a religious fanatic with sinister motives, Robert Mitchum has the word ‘love’ etched on the fingers of his right hand and the word ‘hate’ etched on the fingers of his left: visceral, creepy and utterly unforgettable, much like the film itself.

What makes it SUPER cool:

In a pivotal scene, Harry Powell entwines his two hands together and proceeds to tell several startled onlookers the tortured tale of ‘love’ and ‘hate’.  Just imagine; if you get this tattoo, you too could reenact this classic scene!

(N.B. Do NOT get this tattoo.)