Get ANY Girl! The 5 Rules of Attraction (And How To Use Them)

Quite a few years ago, god created women (can I get an “amen”) and for that alone we should all be eternally grateful.  Still, they continue to remain a mysterious bunch and while figuring them out (or trying to) is half the fun, there’s nothing wrong with some friendly advice.  With that in mind, our studies in the field have shown the following 5 Key Qualities are amongst those EVERY woman wants in a man…  

We think.



Okay, ‘intelligence’ is a pretty broad area so let’s break it down into smaller, digestible components: if you can master a new language (bit tricky that one), display some knowledge of current affairs (totally doable) or simply pass comment on a book you’re reading (involves reading a book), then you stand a good chance of grabbing her attention… 

Do say:

“I’m reading a fantastic piece of literature.  It’s helped give me a unique insight into the human condition.”

Don’t Say:

“So…do you like…stuff?”