Get ANY Girl! The 5 Rules of Attraction (And How To Use Them)

4. Flourishes of CREATIVITY & SKILL

Okay, a sustained example of your creative prowess is far more advantageous in wooing the opposite sex than just a mere flourish, but whatever you can manage – at least in the beginning – should be good enough to maintain her interest. Bringing out an instrument (no, not THAT instrument…not yet, anyway) is always recommended, as is the ability to either dance (PROPER dancing that is, not simply throwing spasmodic shapes on the dance floor) or cook (‘baked beans on toast’ is not considered cooking).

You should try:

Asking her to boogie; before she even answers, you grab her by the hand and lead her purposefully (yet gently) to the dance floor; you then proceed to reveal you are a DANCE MASTER.

(N.B. Do not use the word ‘boogie’ in your approach unless you’re 64 years old and planning to seduce her using the Charleston).