You’ve Got This! 5 Tips to Ensure You Pass the ‘First Date Test’

Your school days might be over but whichever way you want to look at it, a first date IS an exam of sorts and both of you will be on the lookout for any signs of weirdness. To increase your chances of securing a second bite at the cherry, simply follow these 5 Basic Tips.

A young lovers couple share a romantic dinner with candles heart


It might seem an obvious point, but the location of your date will have a BIG bearing on what happens next. Take her somewhere nice (bar/pub/café) where you can have a few drinks (DON’T GET WASTED) and actually hear each other speak – try to avoid places like the cinema where you’re not actually allowed to speak. Ditto the library.

A good alternative is some type of activity (bowling/pool/mini golf) where you can use whatever it is you’re doing to your advantage (aka the cheeky ‘let me stand behind you and show you how it’s done’ move).