Shhh! 10 Super Tasty SECRET Restaurants in NYC

If food is one of life’s great pleasures and New York is one of the world’s great cities, what happens when you combine the two? Well, throw a dash of secrecy into the mix and you get the following list!

We’ve made sure all bases are covered so no matter your gastronomic preference, there’s a hidden restaurant for you – oh, and anyone looking for a liquid lunch we’ve got you covered too!

10. ‘Bohemian’, Japanese Fusion



Only those who have been referred by a friend/previous patron and therefore have access to a secret phone number stand any hope of securing a spot in this fantastic NoHo eatery, one of the most sought after ‘scalps’ in the NYC secret restaurant game: if exclusiveness makes an establishment more appealing, then look no further than Bohemian!

Make sure to try their:

Uni croquette and the Bohemian Mac & Cheese (yep, that’s right!)