Guess Which Country Has the Highest Sex Ratio…

You’ve just entered a bar; what’s the first thing you do? Check out the girls of course. But wait a second, what’s this…the club is full of…no…

Yep. The club is full of guys. Great.

But fear not. To help combat this age old problem, we’ve compiled a list of 10 countries that have a higher percentage (or ‘sex ratio’) of females than males. Great!

N.B. For the sake of entertainment, we chose to only list ‘tourist-friendly’ countries (sorry Aruba) and to give you an idea about percentages, Qatar’s population is a staggering 77% male! Yikes. Let’s take a look at some countries that redress the balance…

10. Thailand


Capital: Bangkok

Female (%): 51.027

Having partied in Thailand, I can tell you first-hand it’s actually noticeable how many more women there are than men, and yes, it’s great.